3 reasons why we say no to Black Friday

To our growing community,

Whether you will be celebrating Thanksgiving or not, Black Friday is fast approaching on both sides of the Atlantic. What was once a traditional holiday shopping day in the US has morphed into an unavoidable frenzy of mass consumerism. Few countries and few businesses escape it.

But some brands, like ours, are taking a stand.

From this beginning point in our journey, we want to share some of our values with you. By looking at the issue of mass discounting through the lens of our beliefs, you can see why it is the honest choice for us not to partake in this cycle.

We are brave

We are a purpose driven business. We are here to make an impact and to dare to do things differently.

Many businesses, large and small, feel they have no choice but to participate in this cycle, creating an illusion of savings because of an already inflated full price product.

We see it’s a game. We get it. Who doesn't love to feel like they are winning? But we’re calling it out. Because you already know, don't you? The game is rigged.

We have to ask ourselves, is it ever worth it to pay full price if there's an endless cycle of discounting?

We are real

We put the artisans, the makers at the heart of what we do.

The pricing of our products support the provision of clean, safe, respectable working conditions, fair and proper pay, adequate training, flexible hours and access to childcare. Our highest concern is of the livelihood and well-being of our partners and their employees.

We exist as a sustainable company to support these families and communities. Our aim is to create beautiful things; season-less, timeless pieces that are worth investing in all year round.

We leave the world better than we found it

Let's be honest, we know that the clothing and textile industry is amongst the highest polluting industries in the world.

We are here because we believe there is a different way.

You don’t have to be a minimalist to believe less is more - buying fewer things of higher quality. This is why we use natural non-toxic dyes, opt for organic cotton and natural materials, and design small batches that are created by human hands not industrial machines.

Because we believe it shouldn’t cost the earth to produce beautiful things in beautiful ways.


Whilst we would love for you to buy our pieces, we would love it more if you buy because you will love it, treasure it for years to come and because it is a meaningful investment to you.

This Black Friday we will be supporting our fellow small and sustainable businesses and we encourage you to join us.

Have a wonderful rest of your week.

With love,