We make beautiful things in beautiful ways. Together with the master craftswomen of South Asia.

Beautiful things =

Handmade, natural, design-led, unique. Things we want to touch, talk about and keep forever.

Beautiful ways =

Respect for makers, proper pay, flexible hours, decent training, childcare, climate positive. Things that mean artisan communities can prosper.

Everything is connected. We can’t have a positive impact on our makers’ lives without considering their environment and its impact on their lives too. So, we choose botanical, non-toxic dyes and processes to protect their local waterways. We opt for organic cotton to keep harmful pesticides out of their local ecosystems. And we use recyclable packaging to say no to plastic pollution.

When you buy from Heirloom you help skilled women support their families and communities. You help keep traditional craft alive and enable rural communities to thrive today and tomorrow. You say goodbye throwaway fashion, hello beautiful thing.

Heirloom. For women, from women, forever.

Our values

We're brave

In our mission and in ourselves. We’re here to make an impact, so we dare to do things differently. We’re willing to be vulnerable, to swim against the tide, to make mistakes and own them, because that’s how we grow.

We take care

Of our planet, our people, our partners, from the smallest detail to the biggest. We take care in everything we do, because we know everything is connected and every action brings its own ripple effect.

We're real

With each other, with our partners, with our products, with our customers. We put makers at the heart of what we do. We’re open and transparent about our processes and conscious of how we work in rhythm with nature. We’re honest in our communications; no airbrushing, no exaggerating our impact, no wasteful packaging.

We honour the past

Drawing on what’s come before and safeguarding it for the future. We take our lead from the wisdom and experience of indigenous communities. We look to old ways to learn and evolve. We work to keep traditional crafts and techniques alive for future generations, passed through family lines.

We leave the world better than we find it

Creating with purpose, to bring a positive change in the world. We strive to go beyond expectations. We believe in each other and what we can achieve together. Regenerative by nature, we always consider our legacy. We ask ourselves “is our industry better because we’re in it?”