Shuli Tie Cushion

£ 85
Thanapara Motif
Heirloom X Thanapara
Created in collaboration with Thanapara
Size, Fit & Care
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Not just a pretty piece

Every Heirloom piece is made to make a difference
21 hours of employment
4 master craftswomen employed
Flexible working and free childcare
Organically grown cotton (GOTS certified)
Natural and biodegradable fibres
Non-toxic dyes
Fairtrade certified

Super Spinners

The central circular design of this piece represents the significance of the charkha, or spinning wheel. This is symbolic of the Swadeshi movement, where Gandhi encouraged Indians to spin their own cloth as a reaction to British rule in India. It represents economic independence, self reliance and freedom.

The hand embroidered stitch is called ‘kantha’, a practice native to Bangladesh and West Bengal typically carried out by rural women in groups and passed down the family lines. This technique is rooted in sustainable practices, being a way to use up scrap fabrics and up-cycling old saris to create beautiful pieces for the home.