Ruma Patchwork Quilt

£ 325
Thanapara Motif
Heirloom X Thanapara
Created in collaboration with Thanapara
Size, Fit & Care
Shipping and Returns

Not just a pretty piece

Every Heirloom piece is made to make a difference
49 hours of employment
15 master craftswomen employed
Flexible working and free childcare
Organically grown cotton (GOTS certified)
Natural and biodegradable fibres
Non-toxic dyes
Fairtrade certified

Nurture nature not landfill

We used a mix of natural botanical materials to achieve the beautiful colour spectrum from fresh turmeric for the strong yellows to an indiginous tree bark making the soft pinks. Unlike regular azo dyes which contaminate the local rivers and local ecosystems, natural botanical dyes are safe to work with and non-toxic when washed away in the processing.

We have used GOTS certified organic cotton for all the pieces in our first collection. GOTS ensures that there is no pesticide use on or near the crops, protecting the health of farmers and surrounding communities, ensures that the workers are paid a living wage and are treated with dignity and respect.